Which browsers and operating systems are supported?
We support current and previous versions of all browsers with some reasonable amount of market share, but not beta or development versions. For the safest and secure browsing experience we advise that you use the latest version of your preferred browser with all security updates installed.

Mobile Devices such as phones and tablets are not supported..

Are there any specific browser requirements or settings?
DiplomaSender works optimally on default browser settings. Please check that the following settings are set for your browser.

  • Accept cookies
  • Disable popup blockers
  • Enable JavaScript

Are there any specific email settings?
If you are a Comcast email customer (AOL, Verizon, etc.) the default settings of your email account may prevent you from receiving emails from Diplomasender. If you did not receive your email from us, check your email account settings to ensure that our emails do not end up in your spam folder, or blocked entirely.

Can I have multiple windows/sessions open at the same time?
We do not recommend that you have multiple browser sessions open at the same time.

DiplomaSender Online has been tested and found compatible with the following browsers...

firefox Firefox 14 or higher How to enable popups with Firefox
Get latest version of Firefox
chrome All versions of Chrome How to enable popups with Chrome
Get latest version of Chrome
ie9 Internet Explorer 9 or higher How to enable popups with Internet Explorer
Get latest version of Internet Explorer
safari Safari 3 or higher
Browser Compatibility

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